General Assembly of the International Federation of Daseinsanalysis Belgium – March 2014



What a great moment, this very first moment of IFDA’s meeting since our legally foundation.

We could welcome : Ado Huygens (B), Josef Jenewein (CH), Maria de Fatima Almeida Prado ( Br), Athanasis Georgas (Gr), Sylvain Dal (B), Ferdinand Häusler (A), Elisabeth Timmermans (B), Maria Korre (Gr), Anastasios Dimopoulos (Gr), Anthony Stadlen (UK), Jany Jaffe (Israël),

Unfortunately bedridden with the flu : Hans-Dieter Foerster (A)
Missed his plane : Lodovico Berra (I)

Our first resolution was the ratification of our new board :

Dr. Alain, Ado HUYGENS, Founder, President, Treasurer
Pr. Josef JENEWEIN, Founder, Vice-president, Secretary
Mrs Maria DE FATIMA ALMEIDA PRADO, Vice-President
Dr. Hans-Dieter FOERSTER, Founder, Administrator
Dr. Athanasios GEORGAS, Administrator
Dr. Sylvain DAL, Administrator, Editor-in-Chief

Our agenda was substantial. A lot of work especially for “the entry to Daseinsanalysis” you can read some extracts ( Thank you for your assistance, Anthony) :

Daseinsanalysis is a mode of psychotherapy that is phenomenologico-hermeneutical and ontologico-anthropological. The dominant natural-scientific model tries to objectify and explain human existence in terms of postulated forces behind human phenomena, but Daseinsanalysis respects and reveres the phenomenon as such, as that which shows itself from itself. Human existence, studied as a phenomenon, shows itself as Dasein (being-there): always already in the world with others, a being whose being is in question to itself. Daseinsanalyst and Daseinsanalysand engage in a shared quest to explore and enhance the openness to the world of one of them, but the ground of this quest is the primordial fellow-human relationship between the two of them, and so the quest may be radically revealing and transforming for both.


Dasein is an everyday German word which Heidegger used in a special sense to describe human beings. He maintained that human beings are not enclosed subjects placed in the world like other entities. Rather, they are always already in the world as openness (Being-in-the-world). Daseinsanalysis is a shared endeavour to free the person as far as possible from obstacles to this openness, so that he or she may live more truly, in the sense of truth as unconcealedness explained below.

Daseinsanalysis – in accordance with its roots – does not resort to “tools” or “techniques”. Rather, as a clinical practice, it focuses on such fundamental issues as being attuned, authentic togetherness, coming into presence, and paths to openness and understanding. These words have to be grasped not as concepts or formulae but as embodying thinking that arises from phenomenological “seeing”. Hence, for example, there is no “technique” of “dream interpretation” in Daseinsanalysis. Dreaming is understood as a phenomenon, like any other modality of the analysand’s experience: a direct revelation of his or her world, speaking for itself.

It is the task of the daseinsanalytic therapist:

  • to gain insight into the lived and embodied ways of bearing the possibilities of being (existentialia) given to each person as constitutive for his or her existence; and
  • to respond in serenity(Gelassenheit) to the Dasein’s implicit quest, accompanying him or her on the journey as new possibilities for relatedness unfold.

We enjoy the togetherness and the feeling that we shared the same roots although the ramification or canopy could be different.


1. The fees. What happens if an association doesn’t pay?

1.1. Every association has to pay their fees every year at least 4 days before the GA or the board meeting so that the official delegates or board members can vote.

1.2. After 15 months without paying your fees, you are removed from the list, to come back, you have just to pay what you have to pay.

1.3. If you didn’t pay for more than 3 years, you have to follow again the application procedure, be agreed by the G.A. and pay 2 years back.

2. Official delegates and proxies.

2.1. If an association displaces his official delegates, the notification of changes has to be sent to Ado and Josef at least one week before the general assembly.

2.2. It is very important that the proxies are sent to Ado at least one week before the G.A. The proxies which are not sent before the G.A. will be not valid.

3. Web-site

3.1. Our official web-site address is

3.2. Please cancel any other address.

4. How to belong to the list of Daseinsanalysis?

4.1. You have to be a temporary effective member.

4.2. Please send your application form to the president and the secretary.

4.3. If the board approves your application, you have to attend the next G.A. where you will present a clinical case which embodies your practice as a Daseinsanalyst ».

4.4. You can also belong to a foreign national association which can support you.

5. What do we have to discuss in the future?

5.1. Charter of deontology

5.2. Heidegger, Hitler and the Nazism

5.3. … please send us your suggestion.

6. 9th International Forum of Daseinsanalysis in Greece, Board meeting and General Assembly.

6.1. The theme will be  » What does it mean to be a Daseinsanalyst »

6.2. Each national association can send 2 speakers and a member for the round table.

6.3. It will be held in Athens.

6.4. Fees : 80€ for the 3 days + Options ( Lunch, Gala dinner, Hydra…)

6.5. The forum begins Thursday 24 September 2015 in the afternoon and ends on Saturday 26 September 2015

6.6. Board meeting : Thursday 24 September 2015 in the evening ( 1 hour)

6.7. The first General Assembly for administration requests : Friday 25 September 2015 in the evening (2 hour – 2 hour ½ )

6.8. The second General Assembly for Discussion : Sunday 27 September 2015 in Hydra